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RIP Rotary?

Cue the Priest and the Last Rites for the venerable Mazda RX-8 sports car, because the company pulled the pin on its production in July, and the car will not be sold beyond 2011.
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I've read something like that ages ago and it has been discussed on AusRotary and OZMazda and everyone is saying that it hasn't been killed, it is just being put off for some years because of the Japanese economy and fuel prices etc and that it will start production again in 2018.
Killing off the rotary will be stupid. Mazda are the only ones that have been able to produce the rotary for 40 years plus and have been very successful, others have tried an they have failed. Mazda is the Rotary, the Rotary is Mazda.
Now if I was on the computer I would keep going but I'm on the iPhone on the school bus so I can't really write. But I hope that it doesn't really happen and the rotary will live on forever!
Long Live the Rotary!!!!!

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I really hope they dont kill it. Never owned one but I have a soft spot for them. Not only that but its good to have variety in the automotive world. If we all drove V6 GM engines it would be a very boring industry.
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There is a new RX9 or something coming tho isnt there???
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I believe the chairman of Mazda stated, shortly after the ceasing of RX-8 production, that the rotary engine would always have a place at Mazda so long as he was in charge.

I'm not sure whether they're currently working on another rotary model or not, but I would assume so. Hopefully they can solve some of the problems with the engine, at least to an extent that makes it much more than just an enthusiasts engine.
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I spent most of the late 70's and early 80's with a variety of Mazda RX's – I loved them. A car that red-lined at 7K was rare in those days. That said, they do chew juice. I've heard stories of people buying a new RX-8 and then selling it within a few weeks due to the consumption.

I can find a couple of places where the rotary might survive.

Karts – and light aircraft. Here weight and vibration is as important as fuel consumption.

And – if you aren't into cars, OS still make a wankel for model aircraft.

As much as I luv 'em, I feel the wankel is probably dead as a road car engine.
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Rotary engines are not dead. Mazda plan to release a new edition of the RX-7 in 2017
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Run Rotary Engines on LPG.
They love the Gas.

Dunno why but they chew it better than fuel.
And it's cheaper.
And still makes plenty good power.

Oh, and if anyone wants to say it's because Rotors are unreliable - you're dead wrong.

Rotors require a gasket and seal rebuild every 100K km, like a normal engine, but no one does the inner seals on the rotor, which is what is killed by RX8 and new RX7 owners who don't know that even with EFI, they STILL have to warm the engine up.

The rotor will come back.
And it will probably be more efficient, and have some funky form of injection and ignition as discussed before about laserz n' stuffz. lol
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